Results and photos from each race can be found on the links below:

Race 1  Sun 13th Jan, Soreen Stanbury Splash – Quarry Run
Race 2 Sun 24th Feb, Ilkley Moor Fell
Race 3 April, Bunny Runs
Race 4 Sat 13th April, Kettlewell Kids Kaper 
Race 5 Mon 6th May, Coiners Fell Race
Race 6 Mon 27th May, Ilkley Trail Race
Race 7 Sat 29th Jun, Eldwick Gala
Race 8 Sat 13th Jul, Baildon Carnival
Race 9 Sat 3rd Aug, Hellifield Gala
Race 10 Sun 13th Oct, Withins – Quarry Run,
Race 11 Sat 2nd November, Shepherds Skyline
Race 12 Sun 15th Dec, The Stoop – Quarry Run